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Introduction post
When I started this blog, shortly after discovering the joy of reading Harry/Draco fanfiction, it was with the clear intent of getting back into writing. However getting a new job a few weeks later completely messed up my plans. Now this is mainly a HP slash rec journal. Feel free to browse through my tags.

My fics:

And I’ll Weep with Each of Your Silent Cries (Harry/Draco, 16,400 words)
Years after the war, Draco Malfoy finds Harry Potter slumped down in front of his St. Mungo’s office. He is offered an unprecedented glimpse into his former rival’s mind. Epilogue compliant.

Things Left Unspoken (Harry/Draco, 3400 words)
I was looking for an excuse to leave the place when I spotted them. Six small glass vials were proudly displayed behind the counter. The liquid inside was cobalt blue. I had seen one of these in Draco Malfoy’s hand eighteen months ago.

Memory’s touch (Harry/Draco, 3700 words)
He’s there. Draco’s there. His hair looks golden under the warm candlelight and his aristocratic features calls to me. There is a baby in his arms, just as I knew there would be. My heartbeat speeds up, my magic hums and for the first time in months I feel truly alive. I’ve found them. I’ve found my family.


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